Café Lounge | 18 Ash Street Restaurant | The 3rd Floor


5/5 stars for service, food, and entertainment!

Here at the Cranleigh, we’ll only recommend the very best for our guests when it comes to exploring the beauty that is the Lake District. That’s why we won’t hesitate when it comes to recommending 18 Ash Street Restaurant at BAHA in the heart of Bowness on Windermere…

Here at the Cranleigh, we gave it a very well deserved 5/5 stars for service, food and entertainment!

Set in the very heart of Bowness, this sophisticated and welcoming restaurant offers a range of unique features found nowhere else like it in the area. As well as Live music, special events which can be found on The 3rd Floor and in the Cafe Lounge at BAHA.  It’s the perfect environment for the guests of the Cranleigh such as couples, groups, friends and family to enjoy fantastic food and drink in an upbeat and fun atmosphere.

It’s no secret that you may find the odd pub in Bowness with a fantastic and aspiring artist giving it their best, but BAHA offers so much more than that.

Each artist is chosen to perform not just because of their outstanding talent, but because they’ve performed across the world in prestigious locations such as Dubai, New York, Necker Island, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Ibiza…

However, BAHA also loves to support the local talent, so you’ll often find a number of familiar
voices and talents from the local area performing in BAHA’s stylish lounge bar.

Enjoy live music at BAHA up to 6 nights a week. Pianists, vocalists, saxophonists, percussion, DJ’s.. you name it,
you’ll find it at BAHA.

From 12pm guests of the Cafe Lounge can enjoy a tasty lunch menu.

If you take a look BAHA’s food offerings, you’ll be able to see that their ethos of bringing friends, family and loved ones together is really reflected in their range of dishes. Sandwiches, sliders, dirty fries show off BAHA’s fun atmosphere!

Though if sharing your food isn’t your style then you’re still in safe hands.
BAHA offers a unique selection of locally sourced food to suit everyone’s tastes such as steaks, burgers, seafood, vegetarian dishes, salads and desserts!

You’ll be delighted to know that BAHA’s Lounge Bar also offers a hearty and sumptuous brunch menu, a perfect way to start the day after an exciting stay at the Cranleigh… and we must say, we just can’t fault it.

Everyone loves a classic breakfast, (which is on the menu by the way) but if you’re looking for something extra special to start your morning then the Brunch Menu is the place to find it.

Let’s take the ‘BAHA special’ for example… consisting of French toast, peanut butter, breaded chicken strips and maple syrup. It’s a unforgettable and it’s delicious! This fulfilling morning meal is something that we can’t say we would ever have thought of making ourselves and its UNIQUE. A pattern you find across all three flours when you visit BAHA.

If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, or with a little more greenery then you’ll enjoy BAHA’s selection of pancakes, waffles and vegetarian breakfast dishes.

Let’s talk about BAHA’s extensive Lounge Bar drinks menu! Sit back, relax and enjoy drinks from around the globe with a list specifically chosen to offer you a quality selection of drinks to suit your taste!

We took a look at BAHA’s stylish range of rums, whiskys, gins, vodkas, craft beers wines and signature cocktails and we were astounded at the quality brands and selections that BAHA has to offer. Belvedere Vodka,
Plymouth Gin, Bicardi Rum, Jameson Whisky, Jack Daniels Bourbon, Bottetga Champagne are
just a few of the quality offerings that BAHA.

Don’t forget to try one of BAHA’s Signature Cocktails. Our favourite the BAHA Berry Booster, includes: Larios Gin, Franklin & Sons Strawberry, Raspberry & Caffeine. Paired with diced Strawberry & Coffee beans.

We know that our Cranleigh guests enjoy nothing more relaxing atmosphere where they can enjoy the company of their loved one, so if you’re looking to enjoy a romantic or more relaxed meal with that special someone, the highly recommended Tasting House & Grill restaurant is the place to be.

Boasting stylish and sophisticated surroundings, guests can come together and enjoy unique dishes, paired with exquisite wines, found nowhere else in the area.

And.. last but not least by all means, The Third Floor, the newest edition to the BAHA  venture.

This uniquely designed and exciting environment has been created to cater for very special events and nights at BAHA. Those of which could be YOUR birthday celebration, wedding, and special occasion or an outstanding live music artist. With show-stopping drinks and absolute latest in technology, lighting and music, we can assure that an evening on ‘The Third Floor’ would make for unforgettable memories.


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