Crypto Payments Accepted, including Bitcoin!

Why not pay for your stay at our luxury hotel using trusted and well-known crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Tether & Utrust? We use UTRUST to take payments and it’s as simple as sending money to other exchanges like Coinbase, Binance or other wallets such as Metamask or

Want to book?

Give us a call to reserve your stay and we’ll send you an invoice that will take you to a secure screen to pay, it’s that simple. You’ll be booked in before you can say blockchain!


How much do I pay?

When you pay through UTRUST, it uses a live price of an asset, for example, Bitcoin and you pay the same price as you would if you were paying online using a card. The only difference is we ask for full prepayment, which has the advantage that you know your whole stay has been paid for at the best rate currently, saving you any stress if the markets move.



To BOOK, call us on: 015394 43293

FAQ about paying with Crypto

How do refunds work?

Refunds are simple and made through UTRUST. The only thing to remember is that whichever asset you paid with, the refund will go back into this at the current market value.

Do I pay more when I pay using crypto?

No, we do not charge any form of premium to pay with crypto assets, all stays are invoiced at the same prices that you will find when booking through our website.

How is the payment made?

Payments are made just like when you send funds to another wallet, you can scan the QR code or copy our UTRUST wallet address.

What happens if I send my fund to the wrong address?

Please take care like with any other Crypto payment and make sure you are sending the fund to the correct wallet address. We will not be held responsible if there is any mistake made by yourself when making the payment.


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