Christmas leftovers

The festive season has officially come to end and although it feels like mountains of food and gallons of wine have been consumed, there STILL seems to be a never-ending supply of Christmas leftovers. If you’re unsure on how to use your surplus, here is a handful of ideas which will give your leftovers a delightful second life.  

Turkey or Chicken Risotto

However tempting that turkey, chicken or roast beef may look poised in the middle of the table on Christmas Day, there is a high chance that there will be some meat left up for grabs (even after seconds!). A turkey or chicken risotto is a delicious and easy way of using your Christmas leftovers of bird and vegetables. With softened onion, bacon lardons, peas, mushrooms, garlic, a glass of white wine (i’m sure there will be some knocking around), chicken stock and Arborio rice, you have the makings of a wonderful risotto.

Brie (or any other leftover cheese), Apple, Cranberry & Onion Tart

This dish is ideal if you found that by the time the cheeseboard came around, everyone was so far into their food comas that only a grape was eaten out of politeness. Cheese and apple compliment each other perfectly in this puff pastry tart, alongside the distinctive flavours of cranberry and onion. Be sure to add some Dijon mustard and thyme to create a tasty tart that is mouth-watering when served either hot or cold.  

Classic Sandwiches – Roast Beef & Horseradish / Turkey & Cranberry

If anyone is familiar with the American sitcom ‘Friends’, then you’ll know just how exciting the prospect of a leftovers sandwich really is. With some soft, fluffy bread, cold meat, a dash of gravy (a baguette is advised for large quantities of gravy to minimise spillage), and a punchy condiment, you have the ultimate festive feast.

Christmas Pudding Strudel

Let’s be honest, Christmas pudding rarely makes a person’s ‘top 3 desserts’, and it is often left unfinished. But fear not, as a Christmas Pudding Strudel is a quirky way to use your leftover pudding to create a slightly more exciting sweet.  Combining crumbled Christmas pudding, mascarpone, Baileys, filo pastry (with melted butter), and some icing sugar for dusting, you can create an impressive strudel which will even have the Christmas pudding condemners coming back for more.



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