Leave No Trace
Carbon Negative Package

A conscientiously created romantic carbon-negative package for the carbon-conscious couples.

Our Leave No Trace romantic package has been carefully created to give you a Carbon negative stay with no sacrifice on luxury:


– Hand Crafted Temperly Bonbon Chocolates:

About Jodi the Founder of Temperly Chocolates… “I create my own recipes and lovingly handcraft all of my products using only the finest and freshest artisan ingredients, from my Ambleside kitchen in the Lake District. I continuously explore endless texture and flavour combinations. After all, the food scientist in me loves a good experiment! I’m still a one-woman band, so every bar and bonbon is hand-painted and hand-piped by me – resulting in delicious, shiny bonbons that are “too pretty to eat”.


– Planet Friendly Balloons:

We use biodegradable balloons to reduce waste and the company supplying these is Lake District-based.


– Balfour Leslie’s Reserve Rose:

We’ve switched our champagne for Balfour Leslie’s English Sparkling Wine. To keep down the miles travelled whilst offering you a quality and hopefully new experience for you.


– Red Roses:

The bouquet of red roses comes from our local florist Brackens of Bowness.


– Travel Cover

We have offset your journey to us. To do this we have taken the average distance travelled by our guests to stay with us and then doubled the CO2 impact needed to offset this Journey. This will mean all but the most distant traveller miles will be covered. This should also then cover any mileage from the goods delivered by our suppliers.


– Relaxation Cover:

Lastly, we have then found out the individual CO2 consumed by an individual person in the UK (this figure takes into account all activities such as travel, food etc) then worked out our average length of stay of a guest and then calculated what it would be for a couple e.g. You and your special someone. This figure then covers you and your travel whilst you stay with us.


Based on all the above we believe your stay will not produce any more than 250kg of CO2 So to offset this we have planted 10 trees. These trees when fully grown will each year cover the impact of your stay. In fact within 10 years of your trees being planted they’ll produce over double the CO2 we believe your stay will have emitted, plus the average tree lasts 100 years so for years to come you’ll be giving back.

We believe this means that you can treat yourselves whilst still contributing to reducing CO2 emissions.


Add this Leave No Trace Romance Package to your stay… £165.00

Then we are prepared to go a step further with our climate commitment:

We understand that our package may not satisfy the most committed climate-conscious couple, so if you’ve worked out we need to do more to cover your stay then that isn’t a problem. Just let us know and we’ll plant the required number of trees to offset any additional CO2 you believe you’ve emitted. No questions asked.


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