CHAPTER TWO: You’ll never guess what…

It’s me again!
I’m just here to give you a little update on our Wintermacy Stay here at the Cranleigh Boutique Hotel. So far the wife and I are loving every moment. So sit back, relax and read on!


As one of the lovely ladies from reception walked us to our room… you’ll never guess what, we were welcomed with rose petals on the bed, and complimentary bubbly!

We hadn’t been this surprised since hearing our little ones first word. (We won’t tell you what that was…)

My wife was so excited she jumped straight on the bed and gave me a kiss!
We then spent the rest the day enjoying our hot tub before relaxing in front of the fire with a glass of Champagne for a night of Winter Intimacy or as Steve calls it… Wintermacy. (I prefer my version but shh!)

PS. For once, the wife couldn’t hog the whole tub with her big bottom because both the glass bath and hot tub were huge! Anyway, we’re about to head off to sleep, but tomorrow… there’s more surprises in store!

Huggie Bear
Chief Bed Tester at The Cranleigh Boutique

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