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Frequently asked questions about our competitions

Are these competitions real???

Yes they are! There’s nothing fake about our Cranleigh Boutique Hotel level accommodation or our competitions, we want to giveaway as many prizes as possible. Sometime though people can be camera shy or not claim their prize. It’s no bother though as we will redraw and make sure one lucky couple win.

Why do you ask for a video testimonal

We want to help couples have an experience they might not be able to afford which is why we give away these prizes. In return though we ask for their help in spreading the word about how great our Hotel and Self Catering is. To do this we need proof. Ideally we ask for video testimonials as this is the best form of social proof people engage with and believe.

How do use the data you give us for the competitions?

We would like to make clear all data that you give us is stored safely and as a company we have never and nor will we ever sell your data. We will promote our accommodation to you and also make you aware of our latest offers and product releases. However should you not wish to receive this you can request your details to be removed from our system at anytime. Please be aware though that should you do this you will be removed from the competition.


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