The Cranleigh Boutique – Blue Light Scheme

Who does your Blue Light Scheme apply to? 

Our blue light scheme applies to all those who have work in roles recognized by our Blue Light Scheme Including, Emergency Services, NHS, the social care sector, and Armed Forces.
For a full list of jobs & professions that qualify, please click here: or read below.

  •  4×4 Response
  •  Ambulance Service
  •  Blood Bikes
  •  Border Force
  •  British Army
  •  Cave Rescue
  •  Community First Responders
  •  Fire Service
  •  Highways England Traffic Officer
  •  HM Armed Forces Veterans
  •  HM Coastguard
  •  HM Prison Service
  •  Immigration Enforcement
  •  Lowland Search and Rescue
  •  MoD Fire Service
  •  MoD Police
  •  Mountain Rescue
  •  NHS
  •  Police
  •  Red Cross
  •  Reserve Armed Forces
  •  RNLI
  •  Royal Air Force
  •  Royal Marines
  •  Royal Navy
  •  Search and Rescue
  •  Second Line Responders
  •  Social Care Workers
  •  St Andrews Ambulance
  •  St John Ambulance
  •  UK Visas and Immigration


Do I need to show proof that I qualify for your blue light scheme? 

Upon the arrival of your stay, you will be asked to provide proof that you work in a role recognized by our Blue Light Scheme. This could be via a Blue Light Card, Job ID card, or images. If Id isn’t provided at or before check-in – we reserve the right to revoke the discount given and charge your stay at the current applicable rate. 


Why are you supporting those in the blue lights profession?

To thank those in the blue light community for working and volunteering to keep us safe and well across the country. It’s our way of saying thank you to NHS, emergency services, and social care workers all year round. 


My job role isn’t recognized in your blue light scheme, but I’m a keyworker – why is my job not being supported? 

We are thankful to all those who are working to support the UK, and we’re sorry we can’t recognize everyone. However, we do offer a range of discounts & rewards across our website. Including seasonal offers, & previous guests rewards.


I’m a previous guest, where can I find your ‘Previous Guest Offers’

That’s great to hear. We would love to welcome you back. Please join our ‘Previous Guest Loyalty & Rewards’ Facebook Group for up to date & exclusive, previous guest promotions.


What other offers do you have on? 

We run a range of seasonal offers all throughout the year. Click HERE to browse all our seasonal Deals & Offers.


Do you list your discount else where?

Yes we have specific offers on 3rd party sites which you can see at the links below: -> health service discounts Bowness on Windermere


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