We almost made it through Dry January, Coronation Street and keyboard bashing!


It’s me Huggie!

Did you have a wonderful week? I hope so. Mrs Huggie certainly did!

Mrs Huggie and I had been joining in with ‘Dry January’ but the other night she caved in!

She drank enough champagne to forget we had already watched Coronation Street so we had to watch it ALL OVER AGAIN the next day!

Oh, and although it’s been nearly a month since Christmas, Baby Huggie still manages to bash his new keyboard for nearly four hours a day before he conks out on the living room floor.

But all in all, we had a great weekend. Mrs Huggie slaved for hours making us her amazing Sunday lunch,
and there were no family arguments with the in-laws this time!


Now, you may not know this but…

This March, Mrs Huggie and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary.
(It’s been a long 15 years)

And seeing as Mrs Huggie enjoyed our Wintermacy break so much, I’ve been putting some extra shifts in so that I can treat her to the 3 Day Spring Offer at The Cranleigh

We’ll get to test out the offer a little early as our anniversary is in March.
(Perks of the job and all that)

Oh, and Steve said that because my Wintermacy blog went down such a treat, he’ll let me write to
you and my new growing fan base ‘The Huggie-nators’ about our anniversary stay!


Join me at the Cranleigh with our…

Spring Offer



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