Do you love a good rump? I know I do!


Hello again!

Mrs Huggie and I have just arrived at the Cranleigh Boutique to
celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary on the 3 Day Spring Offer!

Now you’re probably wondering about Baby Huggie but don’t worry, Mrs Huggie’s lovely friend Mrs.Truffles has kindly offered to babysit our little rascal.

She’ll regret that decision once he turns up with his new keyboard!

Upon arrival to our room, Mrs Huggie got so caught up in being excited that she completely
left me to carry all of the suitcases out of the car.

And I wouldn’t mind, but Mrs Huggie has A LOT of clothes!

As we opened the door to our suite, we were welcomed with hand made chocolates,
and complimentary champagne from 18 Ash Street Restaurant.


I headed to reception to find out a little more about the 18 Ash Street Restaurant.

It’s receiving some really great reviews at the moment!

(And I love me a good rump!) 

Stay tuned for our next email to find out what happened to Mrs Huggie
whilst I was at the reception.

In the meantime… 
Join me at the Cranleigh with our…

Spring Offer


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