We’ve just wolfed down a complimentary Cranleigh Breakfast…


Good morning!

We’ve just wolfed down a delicious breakfast in the hotel.

Mrs Huggie enjoyed her typical morning fix of porridge and honey and suggested I follow suit as I’m getting somewhat of a bear-belly…

However, I thought I’d treat myself, so I had ‘The Cranleigh Breakfast’ – Bacon, sausages, black puddings, eggs, the whole sha-bang and a morning coffee.

(A coffee was needed as I lacked a little sleep due to Mrs Huggie’s snoring…)


We also received a LOVELY text this morning from Mrs Truffles, just to let us know that
Baby Huggie is well. Apparently, Baby Huggie only convinced Mrs Truffles to watch Paw Patrol
all day yesterday.

She’ll be ready for a ‘ruff, ruff rescue’ by the time we get back home that’s for sure!

Next, we’re off for dinner at BAHA
and then cocktails at The Fizzy Tarté.

Keep an eye out for my next email to see what we get on!

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