Information for guests

Your hot tub is a wonderfully relaxing experience, which we hope you will enjoy during your stay. We take rigorous steps to regularly test and maintain our hot tub to a very high standard, in line with industry codes. There are a few points which we wish to advise you of.



Due to local council guidelines and in consideration of our neighbours, we kindly ask that you only use the hot tub between 7am and 10.30pm. Use outside of these times will result in complaints and a South Lakeland Noise penalty levy of £250 being billed back to you.



  • Always shower before using the hot tub to avoid any suntan lotions or skin creams as these can block the filters.
  • Please DO NOT USE bath bombs, shower gels or other cosmetics in the hot tub. On check out, if we detect any of these products have been used we will add a ‘deep clean’ charge plus labor as a result of the cleaning costs involved in dealing with this.
  • Carefully remove the cover by un-clipping the four clips around the lid of the tub.
  • Use plastic glasses provided for any drinks when using the hot tub. Please do not consume any food whilst in the hot tub.


The temperature is set at 38 degrees and cannot be changed for safety reasons.



  • Recommended length of stay in the hot tub is 35 – 40 minutes. Guests should then replace the 4 clips and a take a 2 to 3-hour break before returning to the hot tub. The tub will automatically reheat during this time.
  • Please make sure the jets and underwater light has been turned off.
  • Please do not turn off the main power supply located on the wall as this is for emergency purposes only.



  • The temperature of the tub can increase heart rates, therefore, guests with heart or other related medical conditions, especially high blood pressure should seek medical advice before using a hot tub.
  • Pregnant women, in particular, should also consult their doctor before using a hot tub.
  • Anyone who has suffered from a stomach upset in the last 14 days should not use a hot tub.
  • Guests with sensitive skin conditions should test the water first with their elbow before using the hot tub.



The tub has an irregular floor, which is hidden from view with the jets on, slippery surfaces, and hard walls. So take care getting in and out. Any problems, please dial ‘0’ to contact reception.


Thank you for your cooperation.


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