Someone call a doctor, Mrs Huggie’s in a
chocolate induced coma!


Hello again!

Whilst at reception, one of the amazing receptionists told me all about BAHA and gave me some inside info on their exciting menu.

Apparently, the Chicken Ramen Noodles are to die for! (So, of course, I had to book a table!)

But would you believe it…

By the time I got back to tell Mrs Huggie the good news,
there she was, lay on the bed in a chocolate induced coma, asking for me to call her a doctor!

Apparently ‘the temptation was just too much’. She got so excited that she
‘accidentally ate’ ALL of the complimentary chocolates!

Absolutely typical.

Mrs Huggie certainly does not have the same will power as myself. When it comes to chocolate,
I have to refrain all the time while testing those beds!

I’ll just have to order a sweet dessert at the restaurant tomorrow…

And she says she’s on a diet!?

Now that we’ve unpacked, we’re off out to do some more shopping because Mrs Huggie
‘doesn’t have enough clothes’

It’s all good though because on the way we’re going to pop into the new
Lake View Garden Bar for a beer!

Check back next week to see how we got on…

In the meantime… 
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